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Animecon III - Jyväskylä 10.-11.7.2004 » In English  
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Animecon III

The biggest Anime and Manga fan convention in Finland

Animecon, Finland’s largest anime and manga event is held at The University of Jyväskylä on July 10th through 11th. Animecon is once again held together with Finncon, the largest science fiction event in Finland. This year the event is held for the third time, the previous Animecon of 2003 was held in Turku.

Animecon is organized mainly by Animeunioni, The Finnish Anime Union – a communications coalition of various anime and manga communities and clubs around the country.

The Guest of Honor for Animecon III is the Japanese artist yoshitoshi ABe, known for character designs in works such as Serial Experiments Lain and Niea_7 as well as the script and design for Haibane-Renmei.

Our second guest is Jonathan Clements, a well known British translator, who has translated a number of manga and anime works and has had a considerable influence in bringing more anime and manga to the western markets.

Events of Animecon also include speeches, panel conversations, workshops and several competitions as well as fan group meetings.

Animecon, as well as Finncon, are entirely free events to attend. Registration or ticket purchases are not required. The exceptions to these are certain workshop events, where some charges for the used material may apply and party events in the evening.

Most of the program is in Finnish, with the exception of Jonathan Clements' speech.

The Animecon staff is happy to answer any of questions you might have, use the feedback form or contact directly to organizers.

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